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Every winter, 6.08% of boilers in London require repairs.

And it makes complete sense; London winters are freezy with 5 – 9 degrees Celsius temperature on average. But since the boilers remain inactive all year long, they can cause problems when suddenly pressed into service.

Sometimes the problems in your boiler don’t require the expertise of professionals and you can easily resolve them yourselves. But other times, if you are in a heating fix, it’s best to call for Boiler Medics to take care of your heating systems before they break down.

What are Some of The Most Common Boiler Problems?

Here are some of the common boiler problems and how you can resolve them.

Boiler Refuses to Heat Up:

Now this is a very common problem that every boiler owner has experienced at least once. This can happen due to many situations such as low water levels, broken airlocks, and thermostat defects. If this problem occurs, we suggest you call Boiler Medics to resolve it instead of jumping onto the scene.

Drips and Leaks:

Now this situation can occur due to a number of reasons. Again, the exact cause can only be determined when you are able to locate the area from which water is leaking. If any internal component has given up, you should rely on a qualified engineer to handle it.

Low Boiler Pressure:

If there is a water leakage in your system, or there is a malfunctioning radiator around, your boiler may come down with low pressure. To check the boiler pressure, take a look at its in-built pressure gauge. If there is a visible leak, you will need Boiler Medics to fix it for you.

Kettling Issues:

Now London, in particular, is notorious for having hard water. Due to this hard water, limescale can build up in your boiler and cause it to give whistling sounds. To resolve this problem, a scale reducer is installed and power flush is used to clear the system. Again, this is not something that you can do on your own so it is best to call for an expert.

Why are Boiler Breakdowns so Common in London?

There are many reasons why London boilers break down more often than we would like. One of the main reasons is that the majority of properties in London are pretty old so they often come with older heating systems that are likely to develop faults with time. Besides, as compared to Yorkshire, London has significantly fewer homeowners and there is a significant difference in income, so tenants in London try to spend less towards boiler maintenance.

Another factor that adds up to this breakdown situation is that the south experiences warmer temperatures than the north and so boilers are used less frequently. So, when these boilers have been inactive for longer periods of time, they can develop blockages and become stagnant.

The Ultimate Solution to Boiler Problems: Boiler Medics

Fortunately, if you are in Essex, London, you can find local engineers who supply and fit boilers with a 12 months’ guarantee. Boiler Medics provides services for emergency boiler repair with same-day emergency service.

As Vaillant, Baxi, and Worcester Bosch accredited team, we can offer extended warranties. Therefore, every part and labour come with a 12-month guarantee. The best part is that there are no hidden charges, either pay hourly rate or fixed fee repair.

So, do you need a boiler repair? Call Us right away!