Boiler Replacement Essex


Boiler Replacement Essex

Boiler Replacement Essex

Worried about your gas bills in 2022?​

78% of Britons say they are worried about their household’s energy bills.
Source: YouGov August 2022

Bills are set to rise roughly £1,500 from October

Ofgem who regulates the energy industry, is responsible for setting the maximum price for each kWh of gas which customers who are on “default tariffs” can be charged.​

It is estimated that 24 million of the total 29 million homes in the UK are on default tariff’s, with the average energy bill set to increase by £1,577 per year from October, this is on top of the £700 price cap increase which took place in April, bringing typical annual energy bills to £3,549**.

In a typical household, over 50% of the fuel bills are spent on heating and hot water. ​

Source: Energy Savings Trust

£550 Government Support ​

This includes: ​

£400 via the “Energy Bills Rebate” which benefits almost all domestic households with an upfront discount on their bills worth £400. It is applied automatically by energy suppliers, and it will take effect from October 2022. The discount will be applied to bills by suppliers over six months reducing bills by approximately £67 per month.

£150 via a Council Tax Rebate which will support roughly 80% of households (Bands A-D) with a non-repayable tax rebate from April 2022.

Want to save up to an extra £1,175 every year** by upgrading your boiler?

Source: Energy Saving Trust

Get an A-rated boiler ​

Upgrading your old G-rated boiler to a new A-rated model can save you hundreds of pounds every year. ​

Get an A-Rated Boiler – Save up to £1,175 per year (Energy Saving Trust)