As the months are getting colder, people do start thinking about when the best time is to bite the bullet and turn their heating on. The boiler is the beating heart of your home, providing you with hot water and heating at the flick of a switch, but how do we make sure we keep it running smooth?

The answer is regular maintenance, an annual boiler service helps keep it in tip top condition, maintains efficiency and can help to protect your friends and family.

Most manufacturers recommend getting your boilers serviced annually and for a lot of manufacturers they advise you require servicing to maintain your boiler warranty impacted and help to validate any home insurance. These services must be carried out by a certified engineer, who will inspect and carry out the servicing, providing documentation.

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How do I know my engineer is certified?

You are able to check the Gas Safe website (previously known as corgi register) to check if you engineer is certified. Anyone carrying out gas work is legally required to be on the Gas Safe Register – and to be on the Gas Safe Register, all gas engineers need certain ‘core’ qualifications. Without these, we can’t issue them with their Gas Safe card to confirm they’re working safely and legally.

What will happen during my boiler service?

On the day of your boiler service your Boiler Medic gas engineer will complete a full check of the boiler and its functions, leaving you in the safe knowledge that you’re fully prepared for the colder, dark winter evenings.

A visual inspection will be carried out on the boiler, and the components will be cleaned and adjusted as necessary. Your engineer will identify any signs of damage or defects that are immediately visible during this process. This will include the main burner, heat exchanger, flue ways, and ignition pins.

The controls and safety devices fitted to your boiler will be tested to ensure they are correctly operating. The flue’s construction, termination and route will be checked, this is the pipe that runs from your boiler to the outside of your home.

During the tests and checks, your engineer will be making a record of their finding. As the homeowner, you’ll then be able to keep this information for future use and record.

How to Book Yor Boiler Service
To book in the job with us either complete the form below
or email us on, or call our office on 01708725068

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