New boiler installations in Romford

Where Can I Get New Boiler Installations in Romford?

Are you a new resident in the chilly town of Romford? Or has your boiler gotten old and is breaking down every now and then?

Either way, you need a new boiler installed immediately.

Owing to cold weather almost all year round, the town of Romford has a huge clientele for boilers, and as a new homeowner in the area, you will immediately look for companies that provide new boiler installations in Romford.

The problem is, there are just too many options available. This blog will provide you with a checklist of factors to check when selecting a boiler company to make the installation for you. After all, it’s a decision that can affect you for years to come. So without further ado, let’s start:

Factors to Consider When Getting Boiler Installations

These are the four most crucial factors to consider when getting new boiler installations in Romford:


Since your boiler is going to work 8/12 months, and it is a hefty investment, you need to look for a company that provides a proper warranty. Some providers offer a 1-2-year warranty but guess what? Boiler Medic offers up to a 12-year warranty!

Turn Around Time:

If you have already shifted into the vicinity, you’d require immediate boiler installation – which is not offered by many companies. But Boiler Medic provides the option for next-day installation.

Pricing Details:

When searching for new boiler installations in Romford, you can always get an online pricing quote from the provider of your choice. Since a boiler can cost around £2,000, you may want to look for companies, like Boiler Medic, that have finance available.

Smart Control Options:

In this tech-centric era, you will need a boiler that comes with smart controls. These controls are usually installed in systems alongside the boiler and are ready to give you exceptional control over your heating. Boiler Medic provides smart controls in some boiler options to help you adopt the smart way!

Final Words

The best part about Boiler Medic is that it has the newer rated models in store. Not only do these models help you save money on bills with their efficient design, they make frequent repairs a thing of the past.

The Boiler Medic team includes Worcester Bosch Accredited and Vaillant Advance installers – which simply means that our team is experienced and certified.

So if you are looking for a company to provide new boiler installations in Romford, Boiler Medic has got you covered. Just call us today at 0333-5771966, and get your slot confirmed right away!