When is the Right Time for New Combi Boiler Installation in Your Home?

Combi boilers have become highly popular in recent years because of their energy-efficient working and easy handling. Since maintaining the central heating boiler and a water heater separately requires extra effort, smart homeowners prefer combi boilers. These boilers are compact, energy-efficient, and don’t require much maintenance effort when certified technicians install them.

But, you shouldn’t opt for a new boiler installation Essex without weighing its pros and cons. Installing a new boiler is an important decision for your comfort and home’s safety; take your time with it. And if you’re unsure when should you go for a new boiler installation Essex, we have listed a few indicators to assist you.

Here are a few factors that call for a new boiler installation Essex:

  1. When the Old Boiler is Older than 10 Years
    A boiler’s safe life span is 10-15 years; any heating installation older than this is prone to safety concerns. Even if your old boiler is working fine but has reached this time limit, look into better options for the future.Boiler Medic installers inspect your boilers and heaters before suggesting a repair or replacement; rest assured, you’ll get a valid verdict here. We’ll analyze your boiler’s heating coil and other electrical components to ensure it’s safe for future use.
  2. When Repairing Becomes A Ritual
    If your boiler breaks down now and then, leading to hefty repair costs, new boiler installation Essex is inevitable. You cannot fiddle with a faulty boiler when it’s wrecking your monthly budget; switch to a better substitute.Boiler Medic’s gas safe certified and Worcester accredited installers will help you decide wisely, depending upon your system’s condition. If a boiler’s heating system doesn’t work correctly and makes you call a repairer every other month, it calls for a new installation.
  3. When the Boiler’s Electricity Consumption Increases
    Old boilers consume more electricity than advanced ones. When paired with low-quality replacement parts, they’re sure to consume a whole lot of energy. If you notice an unusual change in your monthly energy costs, your outdated boiler can be the culprit.Since Boiler Medic offers prolonged parts and labour guarantees, our installation will rule out several doubts from your mind. Our Vaillant, Baxi, and Worcester accredited installers comply with boiler plus regulations, ensuring that your systems are always safe.
  4. When a Boiler Takes Forever to Operate
    Regular usage and shoddy replacement parts can compromise your boiler’s efficiency. Even some new boilers stop performing well when you get them installed by inexperienced technicians.If you’re facing this problem, Boiler Medic is the place to be. We comply with all safety regulations and safe installation standards, which is evident by our extended warranties.
  5. When Better Models are On the Market
    Combi boilers’ compactness and energy efficiency put them ahead of other models. Since new boiler plus regulation commands require all boilers to have ErP efficiency of 92% along with temperature and time controls, switching to new models is wise.Most combi boilers come with pre-built temperature & time controls, and if they aren’t, they are compatible with standalone controls. Boiler Medic new boiler installation Essex services will ensure your home’s central heating system runs at its maximum capacity, regardless of its model.

Final Words

Installing a new boiler in the home is a long-term investment; you cannot go wrong with it. Boiler Medic is your one-stop solution for all boiler-related queries and problems. If you’re considering installing a new boiler, contact us to get expert advice and a price quotation before proceeding.