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Gas Engineer training


Gas Engineer training

At Boilermedic, we don’t only service, repair and install boilers, but we are one of the leading companies in the country who train gas engineers.

To our customers this demonstrates the standard of our staff, as they are able totrain many new skilled engineers into the industry.
We work with one of the largest and most exceptional training providers in the country called Able Skills who attract hundreds new gas entrants from all over the UK. We have an exclusive relationship with each other as we both have very high standards in training and customer service.

Once you have completed their Initial Learning BPEC Gas Training at Able Skills, Boilermedic then take you into real world jobs and assist you into completing your gas portfolio. As you are aware without the Gas portfolio you cannot progress to complete your ACS Gas exams.

At Boilermedic we recommend you carry out in depth research for the best training provider. We would be very surprised if you found another company who can rival the service and training provided by Able skills, along with the guarantee of Portfolio building service.

Boilermedic have regularly been invited in to Able Skills to assist in teaching the Boiler Fault finding course adding real world and current experiences to their students.

Why use us

Boiler Medic is local fast and reliable service with gas safe engineers and provide competitive prices. Every Gas Safety certificate or service done through us will receive a automatic reminder from our database when your certificate is up for renewal ensuring your warranty on a newboiler remains valid over its duration.

At Boiler Medic Our Gas safe engineers will contact ahead to let you or your tenant know when on route and offer a range of appointment slots throughout the day to give more choice to your tenants.

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