Project Description

Power Flushing


Why you may need a Powerflush

A Powerflush helps deal with heating problems that you can’t always see

Sludge, rust and limescale causes leaks and blocked pipes

Dirty water in your pipes causes heating problems and reduces efficiency.

Sludge build-up causes cold spots in your radiators

This means they have to work harder to heat a room and you waste more energy.

A clogged boiler and pump causes breakdowns

87% of boiler breakdowns are due to dirty water in your heating system.

Powerflush savings and efficiency

A Powerflush helps prolong the life of your system, lower your bills and reduce the risk of breakdowns.

At Boiler Medic Our Gas safe engineers will contact ahead to let you or your tenant know when on route and offer a range of appointment slots throughout the day to give more choice to your tenants.

  • Helps your home heat up faster

  • Wastes less energy, which saves you money

  • Reduces system wear and tear

  • Helps to protect your boiler

  • Lifetime guarantee for all Powerflush customers, provided you have an existing and ongoing HomeCare contract

How does a Powerflushing work?

Before a Powerflush

The sludge in your radiators creates cold spots so the heat can’t flow around them effectively.

During a Powerflush

We’ll use a machine and three-step chemical process to thoroughly clean out your boiler, pipes and radiators, and replace dirty sludge with clean water.

After a Powerflush

After the Powerflush has removed sludge from your pipes, radiators and boiler, your system should work much better.