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Boiler Cover

It is vital you get your boiler and gas appliances inspected and serviced yearly by a gas safe engineer, just as you do with your car and your M.O.T

The benefits of having your boiler serviced tend to outweigh the average boiler service cost.

–        Save money on repairs – Your boiler should work perfectly and efficiently; our boiler service engineer will make sure your boiler is working correctly and pick up on any minor faults, which if left un-repaired, could cause major problems in the future. Servicing your boiler could save you money on larger repair bills and emergency call-out fees.

–        A boiler service could save your life – a faulty boiler can be extremely dangerous; around 20 people die every year in the UK from Carbon Monoxide (CO) leaks caused by faulty gas boilers and appliances; reports the Health and Safety Executive. A regular boiler service will detect any CO leaks, keeping you and your family safe from CO poisoning.

–        A Service may ensure your insurance is valid – many boiler warranties require you to have your boiler regularly serviced.

Boiler Service

For a monthly instalment of £29.99 per month by direct debit.

Our boiler cover provides ongoing maintenance, servicing and cover for breakdowns or repairs. There is no call out charge and you will get fast service from our gas safe engineers.

MORE than 5 reasons why you should choose Boiler Medic

  • No Call out charges.
  • Unlimited call outs.

We also cover your radiators and heating pipework as well as the boiler (most companies cover the boiler only)

  • No Excess charges.
  • All parts and labour included.
  • Gas pipe work is included.
  • Free annual service of your boiler worth £80
  • 2 years FREE 5 star cover if we install your new boiler.

To fully appreciate the outstanding service of our cover at Boilermedic, we have below listed a comparison chart of a few of the other Service providers for you to see for yourselves the money we can save you.

As with all boiler cover plans it does not include hot and cold water pipework, unblocking toilets, sinks, and drains within the property. It also does not include damage caused by a third party, or scale and sludge damage.

Boilers beyond economical repair are also not included – for example a Main Heat Exchanger leaking and requiring replacing.

No other boiler company will inform you of the small print – we make sure you know everything before signing up with us.

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