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Worcester Bosch Boiler Fitters

Best boiler brands 2022

#1. Worcester Bosch – (Best boiler manufacturer brand)

Worcester Bosch is a boiler manufactory that’s strongly connected with quality and for that reason, they’re currently the UK boiler market leader and a well-known company in the boiler industry.

With a rich British heritage and registered in England as the Bosch Group (The Bosch Group is a leading global supplier of technology and services such as cooking appliances) acquired Worcester in 1996, hence the brand name of Worcester Bosch Boilers.

Manufacturing is still carried out in the UK, with Worcester Bosch gas boilers being produced in Worcester while their oil boiler range is manufactured up in Derbyshire.

Worcester Bosch warranty

If you’re wondering about the quality of Worcester Bosch boilers, look no further than their warranties. This will show the confidence they have in their range of domestic boilers.

In our Worcester Bosch 8000 review, we discuss the impressive 10-year warranty that comes as standard, on the account of this knowledge, additionally, it’s not only selected combi boilers that come with that 10 years warranty period, there are also system and regular boilers entitled to the 10 years of cover with their brand-new boilers

If the longevity of boilers is of importance to you, then please do take a look at the Worcester Bosch system filter. Designed to protect your boilers from debris and pollutants that can find their way into the system, this provides a more cost-effective way of protecting your investment as it saves money from repairment prices.

If you’re looking for maximum energy efficiency from a combi boiler, then make sure that you get at least a wireless thermostat included with your Worcester Bosch. This will help reduce your energy bills. Alternatively, if you want to upgrade you can get the Bosch EasyControl smart thermostat.

The top Worcester Bosch combi boiler

If we were to offer you just one Worcester Bosch boiler, the new Worcester Bosch 4000 boiler must be it.

This remains the most popular boiler in the Worcester Boilers range, and it is also designed for average-sized homes with one bathroom.

Discounting the fact, that the Greenstar 4000 is small enough to fit between kitchen cupboards, it can still deliver enough hot water to fill a kitchen sink within 45 seconds.

As a result, if you cannot get gas (for a gas boiler) at your property, Worcester oil boilers and floor-standing boilers have a deserved reputation among homeowners and heating engineers alike. Oil boilers, however, are relatively uncommon, they have a higher long-term cost because heating oil is more expensive than natural gas.

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Worcester Bosch Boiler Fitters