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Boiler Quotes in Essex

What is a boiler service – and do I need one?

In the same way your car needs a regular check-up at the garage, your boiler needs a regular service. It gives you peace of mind that everything’s working properly. And it could help to prevent your boiler breaking down. Since an engineer should pick up on any faults before they become a problem (and more expensive to fix) further down the line.

Keeping your boiler in tiptop condition also helps it work most efficiently. If your boiler is having to work hard to provide the same level of heat or hot water, then it’s not going to be working as effectively. Which means your energy bills are likely to be higher than they should be.

More than that, though, a boiler service could keep you safe. During a gas boiler service, an engineer will check there aren’t any leaky pipes. Since this could allow carbon monoxide to escape, which could make you ill or prove fatal.

It’s not a legal requirement to have a boiler serviced annually – unless you’re a landlord then you need to at least have a gas safety check (see landlord boiler service, below). But most warranties – if your boiler is still under warranty – will be invalid if you don’t maintain regular servicing.

And, just like your car, a boiler service needs to be carried out by a professional – in this case a qualified engineer. It’s not something you can do yourself at home, although there are things you can do to keep your boiler ticking over.

If you need a gas boiler service, Gas Safe are the accredited body to check your engineer is registered with. (Be aware that there’s no such thing as a Corgi boiler service anymore; Gas Safe replaced Corgi as the national gas registration body a decade ago.) Also use a Gas Safe engineer for an LPG boiler service or back boiler service. As both involve working with gas.

But if you require an oil boiler service or have a biomass boiler that needs servicing, make sure the engineer carrying out the work is OFTEC-registered.

Got an electric heating system instead? The good news is there’s no requirement to have an annual electric boiler service. Electric boilers also have fewer moving parts, so there’s less chance of things going wrong or deteriorating with age.

Boiler Quotes in Essex







    Boiler Quotes in Essex