Powerflushing in East London | Scale Your Heating System Today

Have you noticed how radiators are not getting as hot as they should?

You are not the only one to feel that. Here’s what’s happening: With time, your heating system can experience poor circulation due to the build-up of corrosion and sludge in the radiator. It results in the production of lukewarm water in your system’s radiator and thus increases noise, resulting in the central heating system performing poorly.

Wonder how to get that fixed? Well, we have just the right solution for you!

Powerflushing Heating Systems: The Ultimate Solution

Simply put, powerflushing is the process of cleansing your radiator of all the rust, dirt, and sludge that has been collected over time in the system. This is precisely what is stopping it from working properly. In Essex London, it is pretty common for radiators to get corrosion on them which often results in radiators not circulating heat as they should.

Types of Powerflushing

There are two main types of powerflushing provided in East London to return your heating system to its optimal efficiency:

    • Professional Powerflushing: This service includes passing your heating system through KAMCO CF90 heavy-duty powerflush machine. In this powerflushing, Magnaclean magnets are used for the flush.
    • Emergency Powerflushing: Emergency powerflushes are provided when your heating system suffers a severe decline in performance and needs immediate attention.

Powerflush and Its Benefits

Not only does powerflushing ensure increased efficiency but it also saves fuel bills. When your central heating system works properly, it uses less fuel to heat up and allows more water to flow. Furthermore, powerflushing increases the system life and maintains the integrity of the heating system.

So, from where can you get the best powerflushing in East London?

Powerflushing Heating Systems in Essex London

Boiler Medic is one of the best service providers of powerflush in Essex, London. Do you know why? It is because we use a KAMCO CF90 heavy-duty powerflush machine along with large double Magnaclean magnets to ensure the system is thoroughly cleaned. The large magnets used in our process enhance the cleaning of the system Magnaclean. That’s not all: we have sentinel x800 chemical to clean the system and then sentinel x100 is added to the system when finished, which is an inhibitor and reduces the chance of corrosion in the system.

Final Words

Looking to save money on bills while making your heating system more efficient? You would need powerflushing in East London by a company that has fully qualified gas engineers and gas safe installers.

Boiler Medic has you covered because we are trusted traders and Vaillant, Baxi, and Worcester Bosch accredited, which means we can offer extended warranties.

Besides, it is all the same day service with a fixed price that covers 5-20 radiators! Oh, and by the way, top-quality chemicals are used, and parts and labour guarantees are also provided.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get the best powerflushing in East London